Lina Perneds career contains a wide range. She has worked in both film, theater and television. Lina began as a dresser at the City Theatre, but even a year later, she made her debut at 18 years old in Ulf Malmros film, “Have a Wonderful Life,” where she did the female lead.
A few years later she made her stage debut with Shakespeare’s “Comedy Confusion”. During a few years ago she was a permanent employee at the free theater Mirror Theatre, where she starred in a series of sets, “Measure for Measure,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Temptation”, and others.
But her big break came in the hit series, “A four to three,” which went on TV4 during four seasons. Lina played one of the three lead roles. Her work in television include roles in “OP7” and “Cadets”.

Lina has also been interested in the work behind the camera. In 2003 she went Kulturamas film School and wrote the script and directed two short films.

She has worked and studied in both England and Spain.

Most recently she played in the television serie Inspector Montalbano in Sicily, Italy.
Inspector Montalbano is Italy’s most successful TV series and had 10 million viewers.